Why Custom?

Customization allows the customer to turn visualizations into reality. Whether it is the entertainment center of your dreams or a display case built specifically for a unique collection or awkward space, flexibility and creativity are at the center of custom designs.

Hardwood Flooring

Benefits of hardwood flooring include easy maintenance, durability, and dust reduction, not to mention the natural elegance and beauty found in hardwoods. Whether your choice is prefinished, engineered, or traditional hardwood flooring, we can work together to find the perfect flooring solution for your home.

Custom Turning

Woodturning is an overlooked facet of woodworking, however in my opinion no other technique can so vividly enhance the hidden beauty of a block of wood. Woodturning gives the artist freedom to transfer his ideas directly to a piece of wood with virtually no limitations. Wood can either be used for standalone projects, such as decorative vases and bowls, or for structural components, such as table legs or bedposts.


Drywall and general construction are also areas in which Teitelbaum Carpentry has experience, including outdoors with treehouses or indoors with complete renovations, even basements.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture making allows the customer to select from a variety of materials, finishes, and styles to match an existing configuration perfectly.